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Anita Sieff
About the artist
Anita Sieff lives and works in Venice, Italy, she has a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with a thesis on contemporary aesthetics and an MA in communications.
Born in Italy, Sieff has been involved in the visual arts since 1980. Her photographs, films, videos and installations have been shown in Europe as well as in the U.S.A.. From 1989 to 1990 she works with Michelangelo Antonioni in Rome, this experience inspires her to move to New York City to study film. In 1996 Sieff focuses on communication as a means for social inquiry and representation and creates Public, an on-going process based on dialogue, where audience becomes subject, love principle of integration, and art form of representation. From 1996 till 2001 she is Project Director of Guggenheim public a convivial gathering of authors and artists held every Wednesday evening at the Guggenheim Museum in Venice. What follows in 1998 is EthTV, a creative process of a larger ethical project which aims to establish, through the web site, an international community sharing the purpose of art as participatory system. In 1999 she co-operates in founding the organization “Planetwork”, in San Francisco California, a project of social and environmental entrepreneurs. From 1998 to 2005 she annually teaches video art for the New York University Masters of Art program in Venice. In 2001 Sieff launches Public as an independent project at the Museum Fortuny in Venice. Also in 2001 Sieff founds and creates the fashion brand “Moda é Modo”: Fashion is Way. Currently Sieff works with film, video, photography, and music.

2011 Psyche, video-installation, Ca’ Pesaro - Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna, Venice, Italy.
2010 Ordine di Senso, exhibition, Querini Stampalia Foundation, Venice, Italy.
2008 Live Cinema/Anita Sieff: Films Philadelphia Museum of Art.
2003 Public Love, video installation Fortuny Museum in Venice.
1999 Social Sculpture n°1, video installation event at the Kitchen N.Y.C.
1999 Immaginando Tutto, photographs and video installation, Contemporary Art Museum Maribor, Slovenia.
1998 Pressure, 16mm short, Arcipelago 6, International Film Festival, Rome, Italy.
1997 Tarantella, photographs, PS1 22 New York City.
1997 Missed 2, 16 mm short Arcipelago 5, International Film Festival, Rome, Italy.
1997 Anita Sieff, Grand Salon Gallery Photographs and Film, New York City.
1996 Missed 1, 16 mm short film, Short Film Festival Bra (CN), Italy.
1995 Thoughts beyond Film, photographs, Films and Words, Nuova Icona Gallery Venezia.
1995 People never change, 16mm shot film, 48º International Film Festival, Locarno, Switzerland.
1995 Jazz on the Water, 16 mm short film, Villa Celimontana, Rome, Italy.
1995 People never change, 16 mm short film, Arcipelago 3, International Film Festival, Rome, Italy.
1995 Anita Sieff, Films and Photographs, Museo Revoltella, Trieste, Italy.
1994 The step, 16 mm short film, The Independent Feature Project, New York, NY City, U.S.A.
1994 I Luoghi della Vita, photographs, Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato.
1994 The step, 16 mm short film, Film festival, Venice, Italy.
1994 Missed, 16 mm. short film, Arcipelago 2, International Film Festival, Rome, Italy.
1992 Overtakings, 16 mm short film, Tommaseo Gallery, Trieste, Italy.
1992 Interview, video, Festival Internazionale del Cinema Giovani, Turin, Italy.
1992 A volte si fissa un punto, Maison des Escrivains, Paris, France.
1992 Interview, Video Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, Ca. U.S.A.

2005 The Tarot Bar, The Project Room, New York City.
2000 Symposium On Love, social sculpture n.2, Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice, Italy.
1995 Understanding Desire, multi media performance, Theater for the New City, New York City.

2007 Public, 52ª Biennale di Venezia within the Beuys event.
2004/2005 The Art Table, 5 social sculptures: the public connection between Museum Fortuny and Hotel Metropole in Venice.
2002 Public Yes, a mixed media event at the Fortuny Museum in Venice.
2002 The Aesthetic of Connectiveness, performance, Cà Dolfin, Venezia.
2002/2004 Public, weekly meetings at the Fortuny Museum in Venice, Italy.
2001 Moda è Modo, installation event in Bolzano.
2000 Symposium on Love, event at the Guggenheim Museum, Accademia and Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice.
2000 Social Sculpture n.2, Tonic New York City.
1996/2002 Public, weekly meetings at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, Italy.
1995 Jazz Noir, mixed media performance, Cinema Atlantic, Udine, Italy.